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Pest Management Technician Licenses WA

Pest control licences are issued by the Western Australian Government Department of Health. Licensing legislation in Western Australia is governed by the Health (Pesticides) Regulations 2011.

If a person applies pesticides (this includes herbicides, insecticides and fungicides) for a fee they must complete a certified training program with an accrediated training organisation. This can be a TAFE or any private training organisation. Upon successful completion of all training modules they can then apply for a licence to be a registered pest management technician.

Anyone controlling pests and applying pesticides for a fee must be working under a registered pest management business.

Licenses Available

Any person working in the pest management industry must hold either a Provisional or full Pest Technician’s Licence. All licence holders must work under a registered Pest Management Business, either as a owner or employee.

Full Technicians Licence

The Full Techncians Licence is issued once all the course prerequisites are completed. The licence allows you to provide general pest control and  termite & timber pest management services.

Provisional Technicians Licence

Provisional Licence holders must work under thedirect supervision of full Technician’s licence for the first 30 days. A Provsional Licene holder must sign and complete a log book during this period which is then sibmitted to Pesticide Safety. After the 30 days is complete you may work without supervision.

Provisional licence holders are allowed to own or purchase a pest management business. However they must either hold, or employ a holder of, a valid Pest Technician Licence.

Sales Persons Licence

Pest management industry sales people must hold a valid licence. It is a requirement to complete Unit CPPPMT3006 – Manage Pests by Applying Pesticides prior to applying for this licence.

Upon completion the applicant may apply for a Technician’s licence, restricted to ‘sales’ only. Handling, mixing or applying pesticides is strictly forbidden.

General Licence Requirements

To obtain a licence you have to undertake relevant courses in pest management. For licensing purposes, courses should be approved by the Executive Director Public Health. For registration, these accompanying conditions must be met:

  • Readiness to be led by a Registered Training Association
  • Must have the requisite set of skills


All licence holders must also have the appropriate endorsements. Endorsements entitle the licence holder to carry out work in specific areas. It is an offense to perform pest management activities not endorsed on your permit. The following endorsements are available and require additional training:

  • Salespersons (See Above)
  • Urban Pest Control: Commercial & Domestic Pests, Termites & Timber
  • Termite Treatment of Power Poles
  • Feral Pigeon Control
  • Feral Vertebrates
  • Fumigation
  • Crops & Pastures, Forestry, Pest & Weed Control Non-Cropping & Turf
  • Dieback Protection in Bushland
  • Lawn & Gardening, Landscaping, Bushland & Minesite Rehabilitation


Pest management business Registration

Health (Pesticides) Regulations 2011, requires that all business pesticide organizations are enlisted by the Department of Health (DOH). On registration of a business, a number will be assigned to your business. This is to be shown on your business premises. This will show your customers that you are registered by teh Western Australian Government. Please note it is illegal to perform any pest control acvities without registerion your business. Fines and penailties will apply to offenders.

You can download the application to register your Pest Management Business.

For detailed information you can download the Guide to Obtaining a Pest Management Technicians Licence.