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Pest Control Licence Information – Queensland

Pest Management Licenses

Pest Control Legislation within Queensland is stipulated in the Pest management Regulation 2003 pursuant to Pest Management Act 2001. The Queensland Government issues licenses for both commercial and domestic premises. The Licensing authorities in Queensland are the Queensland Government Department of Health (for domestic and commercial pest control Licenses) and the Queensland Government Department Primary Industries body (for agricultural and Horticultural pest control licenses). Registration of businesses is not required and individual licenses are given for timber pests and fumigation services. No permits are issued to trainees.


Licenses Available

The Licenses issued by the Environmental Health Section of the Queensland Department of Health include;

Pest Management Technician Licence

This is accredited to a person who has trained in this field and acquired credentials necessary to be issued with one. This is a requirement under Health (Pesticides) Regulations 2011. This excludes timber pests, and one has to have completed units 5, 6 and 18 from Asset Maintenance in Pest Management Technical. Those under training in Queensland need to be under immediate and direct supervision of a Licensed Pest Management Technician and in the process of acquiring their relevant qualifications.


Termite Management Licence

This licence is required to carry out pre-construction chemical work for a new construction, and also to investigate or inspect an existing building and give advice or report concerning a termite infestation or management systems. A physical Licence is also required when installing a particular material or system designed to prevent termite infestations.



To be licensed as a Pest Management Technician in Queensland, an individual must adhere to the following;

  • He or she must be; 17 years of age and above,
  • Suitable for the licence,
  • Have a pest management qualification in relation to the pest management activity he/she wishes to undertake.


Licence conditions

The following conditions must be observed;

  • Strictly carry out the activity stated in the licence and not any other.
  • Carry out fumigation activities in the areas mentioned by the licence.
  • Avoid using a fumigation product that is registered under Contravention of the Chemical Usage Control Act 1988.


Disciplinary action

  • Conviction under a relevant law.
  • Infringement of licence stipulations
  • Suspension or cancellation of the licence

In the case where a licence is lost, destroyed or whatever case that warrants a replacement, the holder of that licence will be required to pay a fee that is meant to cover the cost of replacement licence. In the event that the licence has expired, the holder will have to renew it on or before the expiration date.


Licenses for Herbicide use

It is issued by QLD Health for commercial operators-people that operate ground equipment from which ground herbicide distribution is done, and ground and aerial distribution contractors. Organizations and individual contractors who carryout business of ground distribution, direct or authorize ground equipment to be used by Licensed commercial spray operators.

The requirements to have these Licenses vary with the type of Work performed; whether it falls under a Declared Hazardous area or Non-Declared Hazardous Area.

One has to meet the licence obligations if self employed as a distribution contractor and operate the equipment on their own right for a commercial operator. However, a pest management technician holding a current pest management technician’s licence does not need a commercial operator’s licence when carrying out distribution of herbicides.

If there is need for supervision of a group of unlicensed operators to use ground equipment to carryout ground distribution, a licensed commercial operator is allowed to do so long as he maintains closed supervision at all times.


Fumigation Licenses

To conduct fumigation activity, a full certificate is strictly issued by a registered training organization. Furthermore, a person that is applying for a fumigation activity license will have to show a Declaration of Assessment which will affirm that the applicant has been evaluated as being proficient in fumigating at a certain place or area. The Queensland health department does not offer any training whatsoever. Instead, they have a full list of the registered organizations and courses which is acquired online from the National Training Information Service website



  • A photograph of the applicant that should be recent
  • Signature of the applicant
  • Indication of the licence number
  • Indication of the date of issue Clear
  • Indication of licence expiry date
  • Every pest management activity to be carried out.


Training requirements

Must have undertaken a course in Agvet Chemical Use or equivalent that includes the following units,

  • A AHCCHM303A Preparing and applying chemicals
  • A AHCCHM201A Applying chemicals while under supervision
  • A AHCCHM204A Transporting, handling and the storage of chemicals


Commercial Operators licence

The commercial operators licence is issued by the Farms, Fishing and Forestry Department of Business Queensland. One has to pass the Bio-security Queensland written exams achieving competency in the National Competency units of RTC3704A-prepare and apply chemicals, RTC3401A-control weeds and RTC3705A transport, handle and store chemicals.


QBCC Contractor Licence

It is meant for technicians who wish to undertake work as a trade contractor. The scopes of work under the QBCC licence classes include Chemical Termite Management and Physical Termite Management. Both of these licence classes require the holder to carry professional indemnity insurance.


Registered Training Organisations

The state of Queensland has several registered training organsations (RTO). These facilities provide formal qualifications to people who successfully complete all units of training.


Recognition of prior learning

If you have previously undertaken related courses you may be eligible for recognition of prior learning (TPL) by a Registered Training Organisation.



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For further information on Pest Control Licence Information in Queensland please contact the QLD Department of Health.