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Pest Control Licence Information – South Australia

Licence Information Overview

Pest control licenses in South Australia are issued by the Department of Public Health – Controlled Substances Licensing. Information on licence applications, renewals and costs can be found in the pest control licensing section of the the South Australian Occupations and Trades website.

Pest control in South Australia is governed by Pesticides Regulations 2003 SA pursuant to controlled substances Act 1984 SA.

Where an individual applies pesticides (this includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, etc.) in South Australia commercially, they are required to hold a valid licence. To be eligible for a licence you must have successfully completed a pest management technicians course by an accredited training organisation such as TAFE or any other approved private organisation. On completion of the training you may then apply for a pest management technicians licence.

There are two main licence classes applicable to anyone carrying out fee-based pest control work. There are:

  • Pest management technician’s licence (full or limited)
  • Pest controller’s licence (if running your own pest control business).

Pest control licences are not required if the activity meets the following criteria.

  • Application of glyphosate using hand-held equipment. Maximum capacity of 15 litres
  • Formally exempted to hold a valid licence.
  • Use on your own private property

Pest Management Technician LicenCe

Applications can be made for full or limited pest management technicians licence. To be eligible for a full licence you must have completed the appropriate qualifications listed above. If you do not hold qualifications you may apply for a limited licence.

The limited licence has the following restrictions.

  • Must work under direct supervision of a fully licensed operator.
  • Cannot give advice or recommendations regarding the use of pesticides.

Limited licence holders are encouraged to complete to appropriate training as soon as possible.

Pest management technician’s licence application form (Download PDF).


You must fulfill units 5, 6 and 18 from Certificate III in Pest Management to qualify for a full pest management technician license. These units include:

  • CPPPMT3005A – Modify environment to manage pests
  • CPPPMT3006A – Apply pesticide to manage pests
  • CPPPMT3018A – Maintain an equipment and chemical storage area

Pest controller’s licence

All pest control businesses are required to hold a pest controller’s licence. In addition to this, all pest management technicians must be woring under a pest controller’s lience holder. Eligibility for a pest controller’s licence includes the following:

  • Currently hold a full valid pest management technician’s licence / or employ someone who does
  • Understand all relevant regulations and safe practices for running a pest control business.
  • Carry appropriate equipment and products to carry out work.

To find out more about Pest Control Licence Information in South Australia please contact he Department of Health.