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Pest Control Licence Tasmania

Pest Management Technician Licenses

Pest control in this state is governed by Pesticide Act 1968 Tas. Pest Control icenses are issued by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment. Licenses are for agricultural, domestic and commercial premises. NO trainee permits are given.

Tasmania made it a compulsion that anyone who provides services which involve the usage of agricultural or veterinary chemical products have a Commercial Operator Licence, also a Certificate of Competency for Workers under a licensed Commercial Operator. Persons are not permitted to perform aerial spraying of agricultural chemical products unless they have a Pilot (Chemical Rating) Licence.

Licenses Available

The two licences are the Commercial Operator Licence and Certificate of Competency. The later falls into five categories outlined below.

Commercial Operator Licence

Before you can start providing a pest control service, it is essential to possess a Commercial Operator License. This is a legal requirement for any business that uses any form of agricultural chemical products to regulate weeds, rodents, insect pest, and birds for an affixed price.

Certificate of Competency

After obtaining the Commercial Operator Licence, You must apply to get a certificate of competency that goes in line with the form of pest control you do. This licence is issued to people who have successfully finished an acclaimed accredited training in the application of agricultural chemicals. The grant will make known the form of pest control you do.

There are several Certificates of Competency offered to pest controllers. They are sectioned into five categories so that it will become easier to figure out if their skills match the requirements for every classification or not.

  • Category 1. It covers the minute volume – less than two liters – of herbicides that gardeners use at work.
  • Category 2. Grouped here are the vertebrate pest poisons and larger amounts of pesticide which technicians apply with the help of a portable device.
  • Category 3. This documentation is essential if the person needs to handle mobile apparatuses such as airblast or boom spray.
  • Pest Management Technician. It is the kind of certification that pest controllers wish to attain, as it will let them perform building inspection for termites, rodents, wasps, ants, and much more.
  • Phosphine or Methyl Bromide User. The personnel who receives this qualification can fumigate establishments such as glasshouses.


  • Should be 18 years old and above
  • Fit medically to use or handle pesticides
  • Have attained the correct qualification.
  • Submit the required form filled and pay the stated fees.

Training Required

The following course units are required. Three units of the Pest Management – Technical training from the Asset Maintenance Training Package (Certificate III). These units include:

  • CPPPMT3005A – Modify environment to manage pests
  • CPPPMT3006A – Apply pesticide to manage pests
  • CPPPMT3018B – Maintain an equipment and chemical storage area