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Pest Control Licence Australian Capital Territory

Pest Management Technician Licenses ACT

Pest control is regulated under the Environment Protection Act 1997. Pest Control Licences are issued by the Territory and Municipal Services.

Unlike other states in Australia, there is no Pest Management Licence in the ACT. Anyone working with pests or weeds for payment must register the type of work they perform and by issued with Environmental Authorisation. Business only have to be registered but trainee permits are necessary.

Activities such as pest control and pesticide use pose the greatest environmental risk. Therefore the Environmental Authorisations are used as regulatory tools by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

Depending on the activity, specific conditions can be customised for each individal authorisation. The commercial use of AgVet chemical products (Class A), is highly regulated due to the risk of environmental harm these activities can cause.

It is recommended to contact the EPA prior to applying for an Environmental Authorisation

Environmental Authorisation is given for the following types of pest management activity:

  • Pest control activity (activities exclusive of activities for timber pests).
  • Fumigation activity (precise site environments).

Anyone wanting to obtain the Environmental Authorisation for controlling pests mnust have successfully completed the required training. Courses required are  Units 5, 6 & 18 from Asset Maintenance in Pest Management Technical. For Termite and Timber Pest work, units 8 & 10 are required. Fumigation work requires the completion of Units 11.