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Pest Control in the Northern Territory is governed by Department of Health Medicines & Poisons Control. Any person using pesticides must have either a pest management technician licence or authorisation under the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Act. Pest Management Technician licenses are issued as either a full or provisionary licence. All the licenses in the northern territory states such as Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs are issued by the Department of Health.

Licences Available

Full Licence

A full pest control licence holder can set up his own pest control business. For a person to get a full pest control licence, he must have finished and passed the Units five, six and 18 from the Asset Maintenance in Pest management technician program.

Provisionary Licence

Depending on your level of proficiency, you may be provided with a provisional licence. You will have to work under the supervision of a full licence holder for a period of hundred (100) contact hours as a trainee. A provisional licence holder cannot use chemicals under schedule 7 unless he is under direct supervision of a licensed pest management technician or officer. These chemicals may include termiticides and other arsenic chemicals.

All pesticide applications must carefully adhere to the pest control management guidelines. You must hold a first Aid certificate and complete the ChemCert and/or Smart Train. During that period, you do not have the permission to set up a pest control business. The provisional licence has a duration of one year for the holder.

Application Form for full and Provisionary Licenses – Department of Health
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Licence Conditions

There are several licence conditions which must be met for pest management technicians. The use of a license must be in the following areas. To control or prevent, inhibit growth, repel or attract rodents, birds, insects, birds, weeds and any other form of viruses or animals whose behavioral pattern is suspicious enough to be classified as pest.

Keeping Records

It is important to always keep good records. It is a requirement of all licence holders to record transactions for all substances for two years.


All tranactions must be recorded in a register. There are currently two registers. The firts is for sellers of schedule 7 substances and the second is for users of schedule 7 poisons.

Health Checks

Some licence holders may be asked to have periodic health examinations. If health concerns are raised from using pesticides a health check is recommended. Anyone using methyl bromide for fumigation may also be asked for an exam.

Fumigation Endorsement

It is a necessity that each individual applying fumigants commercially gets a technician licence . Pest management technician licence holders who use a schedule 7 fumigant must hold a fumigant endorsement. Schedule 7 fumigants include methyl bromide, chloropicrin, phosphine or any other schedule 7 poison.

The licence issued range between 1 to 5 years in duration. The disparity of the license is generally for the purposes of varying the fumigation site environment as well as the condition of the licence.

There are several document that are required to accompany a fumigant endorsement application. These include:

  • Successful completion of unit CPPPMT3011A Conduct Fumigation or equivalent unit – indicating the site environment the competancy was demonstrated.
  • A statement signed by a licensed fumigator stating you have helped in three fumigations.
  • Medical Certificate.
  • Documentation that you or your employer own and mintain the appropriate fumigation equipment.

How to apply

If you want to Apply for the pest control licence, follow the following steps:

  • You must fill in the application forms for Pest Management Technician licence.
  • Submit your completed application form together with the fees and all the necessary documents to the manager NT Department of Health Poison Control Section.


  • He must be at least 17 years of age.
  • He must be a suitable person to hold the license.
  • He must hold a pest management qualification that is pertinent to the pest management activity the individual plans to carry out.

In determining if an individual is apt to be granted a licence or carry on to hold a license, the following are considered:

  • The person’s expertise and proficiency.
  • The person’s physical ability and mental capacity (in a case where a person’s physical or mental ability is uncertain, he may be obliged to go through a health evaluation by a doctor before deciding if the person is fit to hold a licence.